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Ketchup has long been a beloved condiment, but when Kraft Foods released a colored version of the sauce in 2000, it was met with a resounding “yuck!” Why was colored ketchup so universally reviled? From its unappealing appearance to the artificial ingredients used to create it, there are a variety of reasons why colored ketchup was simply too nasty for even the most adventurous eaters.

Ketchup is also made with orange undertone and is difficult to remove from clothing fibers because lycopene is a fat-soluble substance and fat (such as oil) clings to everything. As a result, if your ketchup ever stains your white shirt, you will be aware that it contains a food dye.

It wasn’t the same as the first time. I can unequivocally state that the flavor of Blastin’ Green was not the same as what I’ve heard from many early-aughts children (tail-end millennials). What I mean by that is not ketchup. The tangy vinegar was absent, as it was lacking lycopene-like acidity.

They introduced ketchups in squeezable containers in 2000, appealing to young children. The colors used were red, green, purple, pink, orange, teal, and blue. These varieties were discontinued in 2006.

The company introduced EZ Squirt, a line of colored ketchup products marketed to children, in 2000. The product was available in a squeezable container from 1993 until 2006, when it was discontinued. ketchups in addition to green and purple hues.

Why Did They Get Rid Of Colored Ketchup?

Liquid laundry detergent can be used to remove both the ketchup stain‘s color and the oily component. Furthermore, use mild dish soap to remove the oil and help remove it from your dish.

It was a revolutionary product that was popular among children in the early 2000s, and the EZ Squirt brand of ketchup from Heinz was a pioneer in the industry. Six different flavors were available, including Blastin’ Green, Funky Purple, Stellar Blue, Passion Pink, Awesome Orange, and Totally Teal, allowing children to express themselves in their food through creative expression. To create these striking colors, the company removed its traditional ketchup red color and added food coloring. Unfortunately, the novelty of EZ Squirt’s bright colors faded as Heinz’s young fans grew tired of the tribal tattoos they were forced to wear on their hot dogs. Despite the fact that the company had already sold out, the colors in EZ Squirt remained popular. Despite the fact that the product was quickly forgotten, it served as an entertaining way for children to enjoy their meals.

Farewell To Heinz Ez Squirt Colors: Purple Ketchup Discontinued

After six years of color-added ketchup, the novelty of colored ketchup wore off, forcing Heinz to discontinue their EZ Squirt Colors product line. Because the company’s young fans no longer felt excited about getting tribal tattoos on their hot dogs, its sales fell. Purple ketchup was one of the original EZ Squirt Colors and was made from a combination of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Color, and FD&C Red No. 8. The combination of tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, salt, spices, onion powder, natural flavorings, and FD&C red no. created the purple ketchup that was popular among children. Color ketchup was discontinued because of a drop in sales, which caused the excitement of the product to fade. Due to the discontinuation of the purple ketchup color, fans of red ketchup will be unable to enjoy the classic flavor.

What Happened To Heinz Colored Ketchup?

Heinz Colored Ketchup was a limited edition product created by the Heinz Company that hit the shelves in 2000. The product was a combination of regular tomato ketchup and colored ketchups in green, purple, and pink. The product was intended to be a fun way to get kids excited about eating their vegetables, but it was only available for a couple of years before being discontinued in 2006. Although it hasn’t been seen on store shelves for over a decade, Heinz Colored Ketchup still lives on in the memories of those who grew up with it.

For decades, we’ve been fortunate to work for this iconic tomato ketchup manufacturer, and we recently learned the truth about Heinz’s demise. Heinz EZ Squirt released its first color ketchup, ‘Blastin’ Green,’ in 2001, in celebration of the first film in the franchise. The unique color not only drew children and mothers to it, but it also received positive feedback from consumers. The death of Queen Elizabeth II, however, prompted Heinz to change the label on its tomato ketchup in April 2021. Following the monarch’s death, hundreds of food and drink manufacturers must make packaging changes. The challenge has not deterred Heinz from continuing to innovate and deliver the same high-quality ketchup that generations of customers have come to expect. Throughout the generations to come, our commitment to quality and innovation will be present in many family meals.

When Did Heinz Make Purple Ketchup?

* On July 31, 2001, I made a U R G H on the address page of my Facebook profile. Heinz has added the color Funky Purple to its condiment crayon box. The company announced today that the new purple ketchup will be available in supermarkets beginning in September. This is the second year in a row that the company has introduced a purple ketchup.

When Did Colored Ketchup Come Out

Colored ketchup first hit the market in 2000, when food giant Heinz released its line of EZ Squirt Blasts, which included colors such as Blastin’ Green Apple and Wild Watermelon. The idea of colored ketchup was met with a great deal of skepticism from consumers, but the product has since become a popular item and is available in many stores. Colored ketchup has been found to be particularly popular with children, as it allows them to have more fun with their food.

The release of a line of brightly colored ketchup pouches in 2000 by a major ketchup manufacturer sparked a frenzy. The colors were available in eight shades: red, green, purple, pink, orange, teal, and blue. Some speculated that the hues were created by using artificial food dyes, but the company quickly clarified that no such additives were used. Instead, they used a variety of different tomato varieties to achieve the desired colors. Despite popular demand, it was discontinued in 2006. The company also manufactures a special ketchup made with sugar, as well as ketchup colored in blue. Because it’s a little sweeter, a few people enjoy it, and it’s still available in stores today.

Heinz Expands Ketchup Aisle With Funky Purple And Blastin’ Green

With the addition of Blastin’ Green and now Funky Purple to the Heinz ketchup aisle, the company has added color to the aisle. Blastin’ Green, a Pittsburgh-based company’s new product, was introduced in the summer of 2000 and quickly became a popular beverage. The company is currently working on new purple ketchup, which will be available in supermarkets beginning in September. Adding purple and green ketchup to its portfolio is an attempt to attract a new generation of ketchup fans and expand its customer base.

How To Make Purple Ketchup

Making purple ketchup is an easy and fun way to switch up a classic condiment. To begin, you will need to gather a few ingredients: ketchup, food coloring, and a few drops of white vinegar. Begin by pouring the ketchup into a bowl and then add a few drops of food coloring until you get the desired shade of purple. Finally, add a few drops of white vinegar and mix everything together until it is completely combined. Your purple ketchup is now ready to use as a dip for fries or on a burger! Enjoy!

This tasty ketchup in funky purple is ideal for kids to enjoy. The colorful ketchup from Heinz Tomato Ketchup is not only fun, but it’s also packed with a healthy punch; the ketchup has 20% more Daily Value of Vitamin C than regular ketchup, which has 0% Vitamin C. Funky Purple goes on like magic and is made from a blend of We will not apply purple color to it. With Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup in Funky Purple, you can add a new level of excitement and nutrition to your kids’ meals.

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